Doggy Haul & Review! Grooming, Treats, Therapy…..

Doggy Haul & Review! Grooming, Treats, Therapy…..

A haul with a difference – doggy style! x

Products mentioned:
Throws –
Scaredy Cut scissors –
Dogrobe –
Food Bowl –
Water bowl –
Billy & Margot Venison Marrowbone –
Billy & Margot Venison Joint care treats –
Pet munchies duck fillets –
Smartsticks peanut butter –
Meaty treaty duck twists –
Squeaky ball – &
Poo Bags –
Thunder vest –
Happy Hoodie –
Wahl detangling conditioner –
Cool mat –
Bumble & Bumble defrizz –
Ear powder –

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  1. hi karen,this video is excellent thankyou,ive just ordered the happy hoodie for my sharpei,she is petrified of fireworks and its nearly that time again! i also ordered the venison treats and the squeaky balls xxx

  2. This was absolutely fantastic. I have a Patterdale terrier and I will be definitely be buying some of these things! He is absolutely petrified of fire works – there was 2 loud bangs last night and he came running in shaking like mad in a right state, I am dreading bonfire night, I will definitely buy the hoody over the ears but I know he will rip it off his head! Worth a try though. Xxxx

  3. I like the look of the scissors, I have a long haired persian cat they would be brill. also to get the knots out of the fur I use children detangler its less perfumed and works good x

  4. This was very helpful Karen are these venison bones very big? will they be ok for Louis? Louis loves the duck breast fillets too. The cool mat is Louis favourite. I need to get the scissors, my groomer is £35 every 4 weeks.
    You didn't link any of it in your description box you lazy cow ha ha haaa and I am another lazy cow that can't be bothered to look for all these lol

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