Got a Smelly Pet? Part 1:  Bathing your Dog a "Tutorial"

Got a Smelly Pet? Part 1: Bathing your Dog a "Tutorial"

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Do you have a Smelly Pet? I can Help.

This is a New Pet Series that I am starting on my channel. It will be called—“Learn how to maintain your Pets coat in-between Professional Grooming’s” a Pet Beauty Tutorial.
I am a Retired Professional Pet Groomer of over 50 years experience. I alway felt there was a need to teach the pet owner how to maintain their pets coat. I got asked this question many times from my Clients.
Part one is showing a demo “Tutorial” of me bathing my dog and what I do. I will be giving tips on how to handle your pet. How to use shampoos, conditioners and suggestions on using them. There will be many more episodes in this series. This is only the beginning.

My next tutorial will be on DE-Shedding and Drying their coat. Also, Brushing, combing, ear cleaning, trimming feet and nails.

If you have any questions about what you want to see or need help on, please ask in the comments below. There are many ways to achieve this.

I hope you like this new content and find it helpful. I will do my best to explain everything in the up coming Videos.

Products used in Video:
All in One Leave in Concentrated Conditioner
All in One Tearless Concentrated Shampoo
Protein Concentrated Shampoo
Silky Coat Leave in Conditioner
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  1. Very helpful for me to try on my Lassie collie ! Can't wait for the post for drying ?

  2. She is so cute and such a good girl! The bath seems soothing and your massage made her calm.💕

  3. Oh wow the other did is a poodle? Years ago I had a small poodle his name was Scottie he had gotten Cancer.
    Thank you for sharing Janice.

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