Grooming a Bernese Mountain Dog (Smaller Sized)

Grooming a Bernese Mountain Dog (Smaller Sized)

Lucy is a smaller type Bernese on the nervous side which we help guide her towards her full groom!
We are NOT show groomers so all haircuts are at owners choice.

**SHAMPOO USED: Neem “Nature’s Specialties” (omg I love this stuff!) It’s Expensive, but damn worth it!!! ALL below dilutes 8:1
–Trial size (2.4 oz)– —
–16oz– —
— Gallon– —

Cheaper Products(YES! I have used allll of cheaper products!)
—Blower- 3.2 hp. (does the job quicker than hair dryer).

—Slicker brush “tougher than tangles” —
—Wide tooth “paw brothers” —
—Dual sided “finishing” comb —
—LARGE- Undercoat rake Brush (long hair shed breeds)-double tip:

Scissors/sets: (cheaper shears may require sharpening more often)
—Purple dragon (set of 4 diff kinds of shears) —
—Purple dragon 8/9″ “chunkers” (wider blenders) —
—LG Nail clippers (size matters!) —

Little more Expensive side: (I own all, but keeping it short)
—Blower, Flying Pig 4.0 hp (it’s quieter than most!) —
–Clipper (wired) “Andis” —
—Clipper (cordless) – “Heininger” Unavailble Via Amazon.
—Kenchii 8″ curved —-
—Kenchii 7″ “Chunkers” —-
—Kenchii 6.5 Level 2, Five star beveled edge curved —
—Kenchii 7 inch thinners — —
—10 WIDE blade (shape up)——
—Wahl Comb attachment set (for clip on combs)—
—Ear cleaner: Used after bath and/or after grooming —
Zymox 4oz — .


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